Digitilizing Workplaces

Digitilizing Workplaces

After the global pandemic, many small to medium-sized businesses are ready to accelerate their digital transformation. When the pandemic hit, the businesses were unprepared which led them to reevaluate business models and reprioritize resources to meet the new realities of business. According to a recent survey, most businesses identified digital transformation as one of their top priorities.

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Digital transformation is tied to significant change, such as shifting business models, including new products or services, embracing digital resources and platforms to collaborate. The best way to start off in your digital transformation journey is by making small yet impactful changes that solve everyday problems your business or customers face.

Digitalization strategies that work for business

We have a list of a few digitization techniques that improve employee-customer relations and in turn, grow your business in progressive terms.

  1. Digital collaboration tools– the immediate response to any global situation is to adopt online resources to collaborate effectively and optimize your team performance. It allows to sync, streamline, and simplify the business operations by providing a virtual workspace. Unilakes offers Cloud Desk which is a Virtual Workplace that allows a company to manage tasks and work online, maintain team activity logs, and most importantly it is multi-device compliant. Unilakes Cloud desk solution takes the complexity out of managing a team of employees and replaces it with a myriad of simple, intuitive tools that are easy to understand. It is the perfect solution to manage your project tasks. It allows you to sync, streamline, and simplify your business operations by providing you with a virtual workspace that can be accessed anytime from anywhere.
  2. Customer-enabling solutions- Many organizations have incorporated customer engagement tools to respond to changing customer expectations and buying behaviour. Unilakes CRM plug is an integrated, connected solution for all your business needs. It puts the businesses’ departments in one place, so you can manage sales, marketing, customer service, accounting, and more from a single dashboard. Human Resource Information System (HRIM) is another big step that maintains, manages, and processes detailed employee information and human resources-related policies and procedures either on cloud or on-prem by having dynamic and relevant interactions with their customers, organizations are better able to assess demands and enhance customer experience.
  3. Employee/ customer onboarding is a critical part of the client’s life cycle. With Unilakes, you can easily capture and manage your information and documentation right from the onboarding process. Go from collecting paperwork to managing your onboarding process in one place. Unilakes helps you create an automated workflow of what users need to do once they sign up with you and how they should go about it.
  4. Cloud strategies- Leveraging cloud strategies that are scalable and flexible allows growing businesses to maintain an IT infrastructure that’s capable of keeping up with the rest of the organization without the additional costs of hardware and equipment. Unilakes on cloud solution keeps security at its core Optimize operations, increases agility, and reduce costs. Unilakes cloud hosting Reduce the time your site visitors need to wait for your websites to open – with Unilakes Cloud Hosting’s SSD–equipped web hosting servers. Also – in the Control Panel, you’ll discover a selection of incredibly effective web accelerators.
Unilakes is helping in digitalizing workplaces

The costs of digitalizing can be high. This will depend on the number of employees you have, how current your existing systems are, and where you want to take the business. However, the cost of not digitizing can be more expensive in the long run.

An important factor that companies must consider is how technology can improve their value chain. You should then create a relevant digital road map rather than succumbing to the pressures of market hype. Once you’ve decided to move forward, you should establish your objectives, who your stakeholders are, what your stakeholders’ key pain points are and how they can be solved in a way that’s most useful to the business growth.

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