Meeting Room Features

More than just required features for all use cases

Our Managed Online Meeting Room Feels Much Like Actual Meeting Room

Permanently Configured Meeting Room Accessible Through Permanent Web Links

Bookable Meeting Room via Fully Integrated Meeting Booking Systems

Use Our Unique Co-Browser Feature To Deliver Interactive Training & Coaching Sessions. 

Meeting Room Features

  • Secure peer-to-peer audio & video conferencing
  • No downloads and updates to install
  • Persistent meeting rooms
  • Waiting room for clients
  • Screen sharing (tab, app, full desktop)
  •  Waiting room with agenda
  • Co browsing
  • Sharing and downloading shared files
  • Document co-annotation
  • Recording

Meeting Room Features

  • Fully Branded Meeting Room
  • Presenter mode including private meeting notes
  • Scheduling
  • Broad calendar support (Outlook, Office 365, Google, Exchange, iCloud)
  • Custom booking pages
  • Real-time calendar synchronisation
  • Time zone detection
  • Add the scheduler to your website
Real instructor environment


  • With the whiteboard you can
    educate your audience through real time illustrations.
  • Enrich your webinar/eClassroom content with greater  elaboration and impression.
  • Use a handy set of tools: text boxes, shapes, drawing tools and eraser.
  • The notes made through whiteboard can be handed over as follow-up message after the webinar/eClassroom.
Sharing documents and presentations

Screen Sharing

Share your screen from any device and take your webinars and online meetings to the next level. It doesn’t matter if you work on a PC, Mac or Android. Save costs and effort in travels.

Choose what your participants see

You can choose what elements of your screen get shared and what your participants see, be it your whole screen or a single application. The screen sharing allows you to easily adjust the view to your preferences.

Collaboration at its best


The presenter and and the attendee can pick any browser tab  for joint browsing experience. This is a very handy feature that can be used for product demonstration and interactive training sessions. 

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