We get asked all the time, “why should a business opt for Digital Signage over ‘cheaper’ traditional print media?” This question often comes from a preconceived notion that digital signage is costly and has a higher barrier to entry. The facts could not be farther from the truth. Today, digital signage platforms are easy to set up and provide increased ROI for the businesses that adopt them. Discover how digital signage can save you money and increase productivity for your business with 5-key features Digital Signage has over print media.


Let’s not waste too much time beating around the bush. Companies are in the business of making money. If a solution does not contribute to that goal, then it is pretty useless. If you are currently using print media to advertise products, promote events, or stay connected with your employees and customers; a lot of money is wasted every time the messages need to change. Luckily, you do not have to worry about that with digital signage. The only cost to change the messaging on a digital screen is the time it takes to produce the content (which you would need to do anyway). The money saved through materials alone makes it worth switching. Not to mention, the laundry list of features and tools that make content creation and management easier than ever.


Another common concern when thinking about making the switch from print to digital is, “how hard will this be to implement?” If you were an early adopter of digital signage, getting started was not as easy as it is now. Today, with cloud-based platforms and media players that come pre-installed with content management solutions, the hardest thing to worry about is plugging in the HDMI cable.


We’ve learned over the past year that things can change very quickly. This exponential rate of change shows no sign of slowing down. Businesses need every tool in their arsenal to keep up. If attempting to keep pace with print media, your business would require a person working 40 hours a week and solely focused on creating, moving, and replacing signage. Digital signage removes this barrier to productivity by making it as simple as clicking and dragging content to a screen to change its messaging. With typos or requested changes, a user only needs to change the content and hit save. Edits like this can all be made from anywhere via the cloud. Compare this to fixing a typo on a printed poster. The cost savings in work hours alone makes it worth the switch.

Increased Engagement

Based on a study by Arbitron, 70% of Americans recall seeing a digital video display in the last month. This stat is a large leap compared to the 43% on the internet or 41% on Facebook. On top of that, other digital signage solutions such as digital billboards were seen by a staggering 75% of travelers.

But this is not the end of the story. Viewers aren’t just glancing at these screens, they are also engaging with them. Of the 70% of customers that have seen a digital display in the last month, 47% recall seeing an ad. The stats are even higher for digital billboards. 82% of viewers recall it displaying an ad. Finally, the people viewing the ads demonstrated increased recall with 55% being able to remember the specific message of the ad.

Source: kioskmarketplace.com

Audience Analytics

Don’t want to believe an internet study from 2010? That is where built-in audience analytics come in. Many digital signage CMS platforms now give users the ability to present content and track how it performs. Using integrated sensors with digital signage is helping businesses track what works and what does not. Then, this data is used to fine-tune the message to achieve specific goals.

There you go. Five clear reasons why digital signage is the perfect tool to increase audience engagement, productivity, and ROI. To learn more about digital signage and its benefits, be sure and read our other blog posts. Don’t miss any upcoming news and articles by subscribing to our blog. TRC Cloud, a sister concern of Unilakes Technology Investments offers its clients incredible digital marketing solutions to meet the growing needs of engaging users through digital signage. For any questions about getting started with digital signage, reach out to our knowledgeable team of professionals.

Edited by: Maliha Haider
Article Source: Wallboard Inc

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